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Welcome to the beginning of your road to healing. My rehab standard of care is to evaluate, treat and rehabilitate the entire body as a functional whole, treating the body holistically. 

You are unique. Why settle for a treatment program that approaches every case the same? Rehabilitation programs must be directed at the symptoms, the compensations, and, most importantly, the causes. 

It’s time for a custom assessment and treatment plan specific to YOUR needs based on YOUR abilities and goals.  Together, we will create an inspired, nurturing environment where wellness and healing can be realized.


Your road to health and healing begins with a comprehensive 90-minute Video Analysis Assessment utilizing the 3Dimensional Movement and Analysis Performance System (3DMAPS) to assess your body as a functional whole.  

Your assessment is designed to find deficits in strength, flexibility, mobility, asymmetries in balance and posture, and compensation patterns. This multi-tiered approach successfully identifies and corrects the root CAUSE(S) of your injury. 


Structure and function are interrelated and abnormal pressure in one part of the body produces abnormal pressures and strains upon other parts of the body. The loss of function (dysfunction) creating pain must be found and addressed. More often than not, the CAUSE of the symptoms is not in the tissue that is experiencing the symptoms.


Relief from symptoms is vitally important, but identifying and eliminating the asymptomatic causes is the only way to allow a person to return to and enhance their previous level of function and freedom.


When we analyze and identify what’s happening in your neck, shoulders, spine, hips, knees, and feet, we will understand more clearly why your body was injured in the first place. Based on this analysis, we will create treatment programs based on your individual needs and abilities, creating the healing environment that restores you to health and the pain-free life you seek. 



Your journey to health will follow a comprehensive Success Path: 

Based on the outcome of your assessment, we will rehabilitate, educate, and empower you through personalized one on one rehab and training sessions creating a Success Path for recovery and healing.  Practitioners of Kinesiology, Physiology and Applied Functional Science® have the movement “tools” to not only identify dysfunction at the source of the pain but more importantly to identify asymptomatic dysfunction at other locations in the body that is causing the pain. These principles, integrated with neuromusculoskeletal Chain Reaction™ biomechanics, lead to powerful strategies that guide the decision-making process. There is no guesswork. You will have an individualized and unique plan to follow based on scientific principles producing results that are measurable and sustainable.  

Home Program: Home programs are critical to help you continue the healing process. You will receive numerous home programs as part of your Success Path. I will also educate you on how to train and move to prevent injuries in the future. We want to make sure that what you’re doing now is not putting you at risk for future injury. You will leave my care with a plan for continued success. 

This approach shouldn’t be radical, and yet, people are still surprised when injuries heal more efficiently and effectively when they’re put in context, rather than treated in isolation or on a table. You are unique. Why settle for a treatment program that approaches every case the same? It’s time for a custom assessment and treatment plan that is faithful to the truths of human movement specific to YOUR needs based on YOUR individual abilities and goals because in addition to serving the human body, I am here to serve the human being.

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