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Applied Functional Science

During my tenure as a teaching faculty member at the esteemed Gray Institute for eight years, I had the honor of instructing over 800 students in Applied Functional Science (AFS), a fundamental aspect of my practice. AFS, pioneered by the Gray Institute, offers a holistic perspective on human movement across three planes, emphasizing the Chain Reaction® inherent in all our motions. It highlights the interconnectedness of our body's systems, where pain in one area often stems from dysfunction elsewhere.

At its core, Applied Functional Science delves into the science of human movement. The more we comprehend the mechanics of bodily motion, the better equipped we are to optimize movement efficiency. Whether in rehabilitation, training, or preventative programs, a comprehensive understanding of movement dynamics is indispensable for restoring and enhancing movement capabilities.

Authentic muscle function, reflecting its role during various activities, demands a thorough grasp of physics, biomechanics, and behavioral intent. This challenges traditional models of muscle function, which often oversimplify its complexities. Assessing or training muscles in isolation, devoid of real-world context, lacks validity and efficacy. To truly enhance movement and function, we must bridge the gap between theory and practice, grounded in Applied Functional Science.

Muscle activation is intricately linked to movement, influenced by gravitational forces, ground reaction force, mass, and momentum. The body's Chain Reaction, operating across all three planes of motion, orchestrates movement and activates proprioceptors. Understanding this functional spirit empowers us to design personalized environments that foster the desired Chain Reaction, leading to effective muscle activation and movement enhancement.

Embracing a holistic view of the healing process allows for a more thorough recovery. Integrated with neuromusculoskeletal Chain Reaction™ biomechanics, these principles inform decision-making and mitigate potential future injuries by correcting dysfunction and compensations across the body.

Applied Functional Science (AFS) is all about body, mind, and spirit...  the physical/biomechanical, biological/health, and behavioral sciences... desires, beliefs, and experiences... and movement, motivation, and change. Woven throughout all of AFS is our persistent passion for seeking the "Truth". We are passionate about matters that intersect the spirit, soul, and science since that intersection is always present and always playing in the priorities we set, choices we make, the relationships we nurture, and the professional services we provide.  

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