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Why Stretching is so Important

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Stretching your hamstrings or hips while lying on the ground is very different than how your body stretches your hamstrings and hips when it is moving upright, across the ground, dealing with gravity and our three-dimensional world.

Think of how your body walks when you are in a pool verse on the ground. Gravity and the reaction the body has when it hits the ground, Ground Reaction Force, effect, drive and influence the bodies Chain Reaction.

Positioning my clients in an upright stance position, which then will create the appropriate reaction force, is a critical feature of functional examination / assessment, as well as functional training / treatment.

If the functional activity in patients / clients want to perform occurs with the body in an upright stance position, then practitioners must create programs for training, rehabilitation, and injury prevention that are predominately upright and weight-bearing to produce the normal Chain Reaction®!

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