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Updated: Apr 25, 2021

The world is fascinated with frames more than pictures, form more than essence. What job do you work? How handsome am I? How much money do you make? I’m a star athlete…etc. All of these things of the material world can be useful, and needed at times to help us feel good about ourselves and allow us the opportunity to interact with and serve others, but they are the frame, not the picture.


‘Stuff’ exists for your sake, not you for it. Am I the picture or am I the frame? Am I only a body or am I a loving heart and soul, brilliant and beautiful simply because I am, not because others need to tell me so?


The judgement that you have been running from will never come. All the things for which you believe you deserve condemnation or deem yourself a failure are meaningless. Beating yourself up physically or emotionally saps love from the world. Treating yourself gently gracefully and respectfully brings more light to your heart and soul and to all of humanity.


Keep your body strong, healthy, and feeling good, educate your mind and heart in school and in every interaction you have in life, not for its own sake, but for the sake of doing things that uplift and ennoble yourself and those your touch.


You have unique gifts that no one else can offer. In the eyes of God, YOU are perfect. Your wholeness is intact, and your worthiness is never in question.


Who hangs an empty frame upon a wall and stands before it deep in reverence, as if a masterpiece were there to see? If you see yourself only as a ‘body’ and those ‘things’ of the material world, it is but this you do. Frames are useful if they magnify the beauty of the subject they highlight. The subject is you. The frame is the world. Keep them in order.


At every moment a treasure is being offered you. But you’ll receive it only if you’re looking in the right place. When you shift your vision from the frame to the picture you will find your treasure, your masterpiece. What God has created needs no frame. His masterpiece is YOU.

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