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Three Planes of Motion

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Understanding the difference between the functions ascribed to muscles based purely on anatomy and the roles of muscles during activity-specific, multi-joint movements is monumentally important to training and rehabilitation. When you move and train your body Authentically, based on truths and science, you create the environment necessary for healing that positions you for imminent success.


The truths that your body moves in 3 planes, that it functions as a whole, and that it is an integration of mind, body and spirit, will serve as our guiding principles. In retraining your body we will remove habits that produce and maintain dysfunctions and compensations by utilizing integrated, multi-dimensional movements that involve acceleration, deceleration, variability, balance, flexibility, agility, all which leads to transformation of muscles, bones and fascia, keeping your body strong, healthy and feeling good-not for its own sake, but for the sake of doing things that uplift and ennoble yourself and those you touch.

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