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Get More from Your Core!

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Get more from you core! How do the abdominals proprioceptively get turned on?

•They don’t have brains and don’t react to brain power. You can ‘force’ the abdominals on but that is a non-functional and not authentic.

•They react to three-dimensional motion.

•They react to gravity

•They react to ground reaction forces

•They react to momentum and other muscle forces

Putting it all together to functionally train the abdominal muscles, remember:

Train the abdominal muscles in three dimensions (or planes of motion)

Both pelvis and upper body move three dimensionally

Sometimes they move in the same direction

Sometimes they move in different directions

Train upright, on your feet, similar to activities in the real world

Allow the abdominals muscles to lengthen to ‘turn on’.

Training in this way will help you get ‘more from your core.’

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