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Assessing or Guessing?

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Assessments that are authentic to how the body functions will involve attention to causes as well as to effects. The broader the view, the more likely it is that the causes will be identified and dealt with, in contrast to attention being focused on regional areas and symptoms.


For example, when evaluating back pain:


Traditional Medicine, Non-Functional Approach:


Focus: What part of the back is damaged or weak.

Analysis: the back and its parts only.

Treatment: improve or strengthen that part of the back.

Functional Multi Dimensional Approach:


Focus: what CAUSED the back to weaken or degenerate.

Analysis: you and the way you move and how it affects your back, from the foot all the way to the head.

Treatment: correct the problem that caused the back issue as opposed to simply treating the symptom.

Which would you prefer be applied to YOU?


The Functional/Authentic approach involves a detailed video assessment done in office or via video app (such as FaceTime or Skype) at home utilizing 3DMAPS (3D Movement Analysis & Performance System developed by the Gray Institute). 3DMAPS analyzes the entire body in all three planes of motion in the context of both mobility (flexibility, range of motion) and stability (strength, control of motion).


The goal of the assessment is to find the compensation, evaluate how it has affected the rest of your body, and then to utilize strategies authentic to the human body to remove compensations and RESTORE Authentic, Three-Dimensional Function. This is the basis for the powerful strategies of the 3D Movement Analysis & Performance System (3DMAPS) that I will use to help you, leading to improved performance, injury rehabilitation and injury prevention. This multidimensional approach produces accelerated results that are measurable and sustainable.

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